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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iglooHR?

We are an online software tool that helps in organizing the recruitment process. We improve everyday tasks related to recruitment by making them more efficient and easier to use.

What does it do? How does it help our business?

When it comes to recruitment, specialists employed in this field are often overwhelmed with the amount of information that they need to comprehend. A lot of emails are exchanged, tons of resumes read, interviews scheduled... It is easy to get lost in the process. We at iglooHR want to help organizing and classifying that mountain of data so that you can make the right decision and find the perfect candidate for the job. With our tool, you can centralize all files (such as resumes, cover letters or work samples). All data is easily searchable, so you do not need to spend hours finding that one candidate. You can also write your impressions about candidates, discuss them with your coworkers and schedule interviews. Most importantly, all candidates for the job are displayed in a very clean and readable way, so you have your process at a glance. You can see how candidates progress through recruiting steps. And finally you can get analytics and reports from the process, that may help you optimize your recruiting in the future.

Is my data protected?

We are committed to keeping your data safe and we take every precaution to keep all data secured. We understand the importance and sensitivity of data involved in the recruiting process. We used best industry practices when developing the software, and made sure that our production servers are locked tight against unauthorized access. Our databases are frequently backed up to prevent data loss in case of hardware failures.

Are there any differences between single a user and a team subscription?

There are no functional differences. All options are available in both subscription plans. The only difference is in the number of users who can use the product.

What if I want to use service in a larger team, with more than eight persons?

You can contact us, and we will offer an extended plan to cover your needs.

Is there a limit on the amount of data that I can have in iglooHR?

There is no limit on data usage as long as you play fair. However, if you exceed normal use, we will contact you and offer a custom data plan that fits your needs.

Is any data that we put in iglooHR sold to 3rd parties?

IglooHR respects the privacy of its users and candidates. Any information collected will not be sold or shared with any other parties.

What happens with the data that we chose to delete from iglooHR (eg. delete a candidate)? Do you still keep data somewhere?

No, we do not store deleted data. There is no "recycle bin", so be careful when you delete, because data recovery, in that case, is not possible.

I ran into a bug that is preventing me to use service. What should I do?

We are doing our best to avoid any technical difficulties. However, if this happens at any moment, please contact us, and we will make sure to fix everything as soon as possible. While we are fixing problems, our customer service will try to find a workaround that you can use to keep working.

I noticed that iglooHR is slower than usual. What should I do?

We strive to keep high system performance at its peak. Please contact us and we will investigate the issue immediately. We will write back with our findings.

I don't like using iglooHR. How do I cancel my subscription?

So sorry to hear that! You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just contact us and we will proceed with your request. We hope that you will not mind telling us what is the reason for the cancellation. We are always eager to improve!

I like iglooHR very much, but it is too expensive for us at the moment. Can you help?

Yes, we can! Let us know and we will try to work things out.

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