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Hello there! In this video we are going to show you the best way to organize your recruitment process.

iglooHR is a tool that will make your life easier and your job more satisfying and enjoyable.

Let’s get started!


First off, you will need to sign up in a few easy steps. Tell us something about your business, enter your email, and choose your login credentials.

You can connect your account with LinkedIn, but that is optional.

Personalize it by adding some basic info, and proceed to the checkout.

Note that, even though you are prompted to enter your credit card information, we will not charge you during the free trial period.

After the checkout, use the universal link to invite the rest of your team for collaboration. You can also do this later from the app settings.

Congratulations, you are now a new member of the iglooHR family!


Once you are in the app, the first thing that you should do is creating a job. Just give it a title, and you are good to go.

When you create a job, at first, only you can see its details. If you want to share it with your team, you can do it with almost no effort.


After you create a job, let’s take a look at the job board. The job board is probably the place where you will likely spend most of your time.

Here, you can design your selection pipeline, edit the job details, take a look at the job report, and add new candidates.

When you are satisfied with the selection pipeline you have created, it is time to start adding candidates. Upload their resume, type in a name, email address, and you are done!

Once you have added the candidate, you can use labels to highlight them through the selection process. Some good examples could be “Great communication skills” or “Willing to relocate.” You can add as many labels as you like, and color each of them differently.

You can add multiple files to a candidate’s profile, depending on your selection process. If you want to start a discussion about a candidate with your team, you can easily do it in the comments section. Schedule appointments with candidates with just a few simple clicks.

Just like selection steps, candidates can be quickly sorted around with the drag and drop feature.

Giving feedback to the candidates is essential, and we have provided you with a solution to do it efficiently. Use the “Email to All” option to easily reach all desired candidates.


Another useful feature we want to show you is the job report.

Here you can see your recruitment metrics, such as candidate applications over time, selection step efficiency, or overall amount of work it took to hire someone.


The next thing we want to show you is the appointment section of the app.

It is a place where you can have a tidy overview of all of the appointments you are supposed to attend. Here you can also create new appointments, delete or reschedule them, and invite your teammates.


And finally, we want to show you the candidate pool.

Any experienced recruiter knows how important it is to build a candidate database, and how much it can pay off in the long run.

The candidate pool is specifically designed to help you create and maintain your resume database.

Adding new candidates is super easy. Upload their resume, enter some basic info, and you are all set. Later on, use the search function to find all the details about a specific candidate.

Notice how fast the search is, and how you get the nice preview with the highlighted keywords. Getting details about a candidate is just one click away.


That’s all for this demo; hopefully, you enjoyed it. iglooHR has many other features to offer, and we are sure that you will find them useful and enjoyable.

Thanks for watching!

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