May 11th, 2020

Tips On Managing Your Employees Remotely

Working from an office often proves to be more practical than online communication with your colleagues. In the first scenario, they are physically there, and you can distribute tasks and express your opinion easier, faster. However, circumstances sometimes require remote work.

The more employees you have, the harder it is to manage them. When everyone’s working from their homes, you can’t manage people as you normally would, in the office. That’s why we will walk you through some tips that can help you deal with remote work.

Choose a Tool That You Will Use

Software like Zoom probably won’t be enough for you to do your job effectively. You’ll need something that enables group communication, assigning tasks to individuals, and overall good teamwork.

When choosing, search for a tool that you can use on different platforms. Your employees might be using tablets, mobile phones, Windows or Mac OS, and so on. Be flexible with your program choice, so that everyone can use it.

If your company has a lot of employees, standard communication through email or voice messages won’t cut it. Investing time for finding a decent tool will bring you benefits in the long run.

Acquire Decent Equipment

There will be online meetings, and you should prepare for them. For everything to go smoothly, you’ll need a good microphone. Usually they already exist in laptops, but to avoid background noises, go for a headphone + microphone set.

Cameras are optional, depending on your area of work, but using them will maintain professionalism. If they see you, your employees will have a slight feeling like they are really at work.

Don’t Be Too Strict

It’s reasonable to expect from people to come to the office on time. Even if you offer flexible working hours, you get used to someone arriving at the usual time.

However, remote work can bring the joy of technical issues. In other words, your colleagues might disappear from the meeting or be late an hour for work. Before you make any conclusions, check if they are having problems with their internet or a device they are using.

Maybe they did not get familiarized with the tool. In that case, offer help or share useful links with them. All in all, be patient and remind yourself that sometimes remote work is troublesome for them, as much as it is to you.

Keep Them Motivated

Isolation from people you usually spend your whole week with can influence one’s work habits. Going to a crowded gym will not have the same effect on you, as going to an empty one.

When you see everyone around you hyped and busy, it will move you. On the contrary, if you are alone and there’s no one to give you a little push, it can be difficult to discipline yourself.

As an employer, you can affect this. Create a special chat room where you will discuss things not related to work. Send gifs, memes, funny videos, share jokes. Additionally, organize a short meeting once a day where you can have a group chat, distribute the tasks, and catch up with each other.

There are plenty of options to lift the spirit of your employees. It’s up to you to find the most suitable and effective one.

Let’s make a short recap of what you should do:

  • Find a proper tool, both effective and practical
  • Equip yourself with a quality headset
  • Provide tool training for the employees if needed
  • Organize online team buildings, meetings, keep people motivated
  • Don’t be too strict, keep in mind that technology has its flaws

If you are an HR company or a recruiter, consider using an Applicant Tracking System. It will do wonders for your remote work. The modern ones offer everything you need. Team collaboration, appointment scheduling, candidate’s database, reports, everything in one place.

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