September 27th, 2019

The Lunch Break - True Quality Time

You can’t remember when was the last time you ate, and even thinking about whether you are hungry or not became a rarity, a privilege. The phone is constantly ringing; emails are getting stuffed in your inbox, clients and candidates are impatient. All of them are desperate in trying to get a hold of your time - even for five minutes. Sounds familiar? Keep on reading!

Let’s focus on these two keywords: "your time." You willingly distribute it to others, while forgetting to give it to the most important person you’ll ever have in your job - yourself.

We do not want to generalize, as some of you might have already developed certain skills which allow you to have some quality time at work, and a stress-free lunch. For those of you who are still struggling and perhaps find it impossible to pull out this maneuver - we’ve prepared some advice and tricks.

Why is this important?

If you have kids or some youngsters that you look after - it’s almost certain that you’ll try and guide them through their eating habits. You’ll advise them to eat fruits, that breakfast is the most important meal during the day, and that food gives them strength, helps them feel better, and be more focused.

How would they feel if they knew that you are neglecting yourself while advising them to do the contrary?

The job in HR is a stressful and challenging one. You know that for a fact and from experience, there’s no need for us to emphasize it. With that in mind, it does not come as a surprise that, for such a job, you need energy, which you can gain from food and short breaks.

Start slowly

You do not have to make a big and sudden change in your weekly schedule. Instead, start by choosing one day per your workweek. One single day, when you will give yourself those precious thirty minutes… or fifteen, we get it!

If you start to notice that you are getting comfortable with that small change and that it improves your overall performance at work, slowly add up more days, and find the balance.

“But What If I Miss an Important Call?”

Sometimes our friend Murphy hides around the corner and waits for the perfect chance to strike. You should not completely turn off your phone or put it aside. Instead, if you are waiting for an important call, filter it out. For example, if you are expecting Hangouts call, mute all the other applications.

Another solution is to prepare a voice message which will let the person calling know that you will get back to them shortly. No matter how important the call, it can wait. At the end of the day, on the other side of the telephone is also a human being, who will be able to understand that you were not available at that particular moment.

Give Yourself Time

It’s not easy, we know, but you will get used to it in the long run. It’s not only about eating, but it's also about how efficient you can work under all that stress.

Imagine that you go for a one hour run, without stopping. Now, imagine that you go for a forty-five-minute run, make a fifteen-minute break, and do another fifteen-minute run. What do you think, after which option will you feel more energetic and believe that the workout was more valuable?

Resting is important, no matter what you do. Food comes as a necessary supplement to it and gives us that much-needed boost to get work done.

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