September 16th, 2019

Tech in hiring - there to help us or to replace us?

For some people, recruiting implies loads of spreadsheets, emails, and printed paper. Others are more exploratory and tend to use tech to help them with their daily tasks in more meaningful ways. And then, some people firmly believe that tech should take a leading role in recruiting. This article will help you to get more familiar with the hiring tech landscape, knowing the advantages and any possible pitfalls.

In recent years, we see many examples of automation which is taking away jobs from people. If nothing else, we see vending machines and fast food kiosks around us all the time. And it looks like we are getting accustomed to the idea of self-driving cars.

So we ask ourselves a legit question - is recruiting one of the jobs which can be replaced by technology? Is it possible to replace a recruiter with artificial intelligence? Can machine pick the perfect (or even good enough) match without a person having face to face interviews and getting a personal impression about the candidate?

With growing uncertainty about artificial intelligence, does it mean that we should fall back to the old fashioned way and stop using the tech in hiring altogether? As usual, the key is to balance and find the ideal position between these opinions.

What a time to stop being afraid

Even though many of us use tech in hiring, some people are still organizing recruitment with paper resumes and sticky notes. Is their recruiting life more organized when they have tons of printed resumes, a bunch of sticky notes all over the place, and a notebook organizer for interviews and events? No way.

Tech can sometimes be intimidating, but at least you should try to find tools to help you decrease the time to hire by cutting out the repetitive daily tasks. Emailing candidates, scheduling interviews, and searching through job applications should not be a significant part of your day at work.

Tech that helps

We’re using mobile apps as a household chore list, and they are making life more comfortable, indeed. And having a software tool to help you with a chore list at work is so much more valuable.

With an automated recruitment process, you’ll have a centralized candidate database and remove the potential for mistakes. Instead of doing paperwork all day, you’ll have more time to personalize the communication with candidates and gather your team to pick a perfect match. If you have all the files you need in one place, you’ll be more organized and efficient, and no applications will be lost. With these tools, tech is not there to dehumanize work; it’s instead there to make your day more meaningful.

Of course, it is naive thinking that by just picking some software, things will start to run smoothly and you will have loads of time on your hands. Unfortunately, more often than not, tools available on the market are cumbersome to use and can introduce more complexity and stress to your work.

But if you do a bit of research and pick the best hiring software to fit your needs, it will be a great payoff. Some tools will save tremendous amounts of time on manual and monotonous functions. And this is leaving you time to add more value to the recruiting process in your company with your expertise. Remember, if your daily work is less burdened, then your interactions with candidates will be more humane.

Your new artificial team member

If you’re into the latest recruiting trends, you must have read a lot about artificial intelligence and machine learning in hiring. Video interviewing tools, bots that evaluate candidates via their social network footprint, or machine learning algorithms are a promise of a new, more efficient ways to hire.

So you may think of a future where a candidate sends a resume that runs through an emotion engine to determine their psychological profile. Then another artificial intelligence searches the internet, cross-referencing candidate skills with their online track record. Finally, machines can even evaluate emotions in a video interview, attempting to find just the right person for the company.

But here comes the question we’re asking ourselves lately - will a hiring software eventually replace us? Should we automate recruitment entirely and be confident that the machine will manage to hire the right person? Is it’s possible to get a perfect match based on the algorithm at all, and then is that “perfect match” actually an excellent fit for your team as well?

And we have to be fully aware that making a great culture fit is not only finesse, it is the main thing in recruitment. The main reason why recruitment should have a human touch is the fact that we need a unique experience that we get from friendly interaction with the candidate.

Never forget, hiring is the first step into your organization. It is a unique chance to make a great first impression and excite candidates to give their best on their new job.

Our take on the future of hiring

If you ask us, working in any field without help from technology is not an option nowadays. And especially not in the field of HR and recruitment. Problems and processes that we have to deal with daily are way too complex to be done manually.

On the other hand, dehumanizing recruitment with new AI and machine learning tech is a legitimate concern. And it is probably not only a question of choosing the best people but also about what candidates experience during the recruitment process. Never forget, hiring is the first step into your organization. It is a unique chance to make a great first impression and excite candidates to give their best on their new job.

So as we said before, the key is to balance and find the ideal position between these opinions. Use the tools that help you make interactions with candidates more meaningful, not the other way around.

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