December 12th, 2019

7 Reasons Why ATS Helps Recruiters With Everyday Tasks

With a good applicant tracking system, you can transform your hiring process significantly. Productivity increases while the costs are getting lower. If you are thinking about getting one, but need to be convinced that it’s worthwhile, our list of 7 reasons why ATS helps recruiters with everyday tasks should help you.

1. With ATS, all activity is in one location

If you are not using specialized hiring tools, your information about candidates will be scattered everywhere - papers, emails, spreadsheets, files... you get the point.

ATS combines all of the tools you need into a single app. Reports, schedules, job postings, and much more - everything is in the same place, while the chances for loss of important information are minimized. It is not time-consuming as you do not have to switch between different applications.

2. Your hiring time is sped up

A quick assessment of the applicants saves money and time, while the quality of those who apply is not compromised.

If the selection process is fast enough, the candidates will be satisfied instead of turning their heads quickly and going to see what the competitors are offering.

ATS helps by automating tasks such as emailing and interview scheduling, which, again, saves you time and money proportionally.

You can get an insight on all of the previous hiring records, and have your hiring data well organized.

3. Effective collaboration

Hiring a successful candidate is not a one man’s job. It’s a journey that hiring managers, interviewers, and recruiters set on together.

In other words: teamwork. Imagine if the three of them could see all of the gathered information and updates about a candidate, without having to contact each other all the time. Well, ATS allows you to do exactly that.

While storing all the data in one place, ATS helps the whole recruiting team to stay synced, while sharing information, updating it, and chatting inside the application.

4. Staying in touch with candidates

The reputation of your company depends to an extent on how you treat your employees, as well as candidates, during the whole selection process.

With various email templates, you can keep a large number of applicants updated on their selection status.

It’s a sign of mutual respect, that you value them, and their time. Application tracking systems help you easily maintain a reputation as someone who treats everyone properly.

Few clicks are all that it takes to send an email to tens or hundreds of applicants.

5. Searching through candidates’ application record made simple

Have you ever found yourself manually scanning through countless amounts of CVs and motivational letters, trying to find suitable candidates through keywords?

Well, leave that in the past. With an ATS, you can find specific candidates within seconds. Does the position require someone with knowledge of HTML, CSS, Photoshop? Great, type in those keywords and find all who applied with those skills.

Some tools even let you search through your candidate pool for criteria such as candidates who rejected offers, their interview scores, and other unique filters.

Find a candidate with whichever qualifications you need, within seconds.

6. Reports that help you improve

If you want to become better at what you are doing, receiving feedback is a part of the process.

That’s what reports created by ATS do - they provide you with feedback.

Manually writing reports and calculating certain statistics does not pay off. It is time- consuming and sometimes very tiring.

Instead, you can use the applicant tracking system tool, set the desired metrics you want to keep an eye on and let the tool do the hard work.

The reports will always be accurate, since they are pulled from the most recent hiring activity.

7. The interview process can be standardized

It is complicated when your team members share feedback in unique styles. Instead, they should use the form fields you have created, to evaluate candidates.

For applicants, create a consistent interview evaluation form with your chosen ATS. Using similar questions and assessment methods will reduce hiring bias, all while improving the candidate’s experience.

The list can be longer, but in the end it all comes down to the ease of use. People often get the wrong idea when they choose an ATS with a lot of features. It might look cool, but in the long run it will turn out to be too complex and time-consuming.

Choose an ATS that is simple to use and whose features will cover everything you need for efficient recruitment.

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