August 4th, 2020

Remote Recruitment Can Be Challenging

Interviewing candidates online can come in handy, especially during times like these. But, it’s not perfect. For instance, the lack of direct contact with applicants can sometimes influence your final decision.

Hardly anything can replace the real interaction between two or more people. By real, we mean a situation where you are all in the same room, physically. Software can help us replace some elements of standard communication, but only to an extent.

The development of technology brought many things. Among them, news ways to make a living. Today, working from home is not a big deal. Our parents and older generations are still trying to figure it out, while we’ve got the hang of it. But, being a freelancer is one thing. Working remotely for a company is a different story.

As a recruiter, you will likely have an opportunity to interview remote applicants. Regardless of your experience, online recruitment can be challenging.

Introduction Analysis

An interview can last for hours, but the candidate’s personality will remain a mystery to you. You’ve just met them. Even if they get hired, your impression of them can change over time.

Still, seeing someone right in front of you, shaking their hand, observing their body language - can tell you at least something. With online communication, it’s different.

Sometimes the candidates don’t need to use their camera. That leaves you little to no space for getting a proper first impression. You’ll just hear a voice associated with a picture from their CV. Won’t know if they are bored and indifferent about the position, or if that’s how they speak. Maybe they are really enthusiastic, but you won’t realize it.


During standard interviews, you usually need an office, some notes, and a pen. Occasionally a laptop or a similar device to look up some information or type it down.

Remote recruitment, on the other hand, requires a bit more. These are the factors you should think about before scheduling an online call or video with the applicant:

  • Getting familiar with the tool you will use for the interview.
  • Introducing the candidate to the software’s basic features before your online meeting.
  • Ensuring that your internet is stable and that your equipment, including a microphone and headphones, is working properly.

There are more, but these will take most of your time and require attention. Even if you handle the preparations perfectly, some things will be out of your control.

Technical Problems

Imagine this: You are interviewing a candidate and all of a sudden, they stop talking or disappear from your office like Houdini. Then you sit there, not knowing if they’ll reappear or make any sound.

Well, that’s what can happen during an online meeting. Connection problems, a microphone which creates weird noises, bad headphones…

In those situations, you should try to remain patient and handle things professionally. If the issue lasts for a while, it’s okay to reschedule the interview.

The need for remote workers will probably grow exponentially in the future. If you don’t have any experience in this area, now might be a good time to practice, do some research. At some point, you’ll get your chance to experience this type of recruitment. Who knows, perhaps you’ll end up liking it more than the traditional one.

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