January 13th, 2020

Recruitment for non-recruiters

Startups and small businesses usually do not have HR in their ranks. On the other hand, they gradually want to hire more people. Recruiting as a non-recruiter is a challenging task, but not an impossible one.

At the moment of writing this article, Microsoft has 148.645 employees. Bill Gates founded it in 1975, and it took them six years to reach hundred employees. Back then, he personally interviewed each candidate. He was both the company’s founder and HR up to a certain point when the company started to expand. Then, it was time to hire professional HR people.

The chances are high that you are not aiming at 148k employees, but you want to increase the current number. You don’t have time to act as a recruiter, and it’s most likely not your favorite thing to do. Are you ready to follow the footsteps of Bill Gates? We’ll help you make the first ones.

In this article, we’ll try to cover basic tips on how you can manage recruiting, without being a recruiter by profession.

Write a good job description

If you want to have suitable candidates for the position you’ve opened, you’ll have to create a decent job description.

Before writing it, make sure that you have a clear picture of an ideal candidate for the position. Is it someone with a few years experience or a recent graduate can be good enough? Are you looking for a candidate with strong leadership skills, or a team player who can adapt to different circumstances? Is it important for you that they have a college degree, or self-taught people can apply, too? These are some of the questions that you should answer before writing the description.

Once you have a clear idea of who you’re looking for, post the job description. Try to read it from the potential candidate’s view and criticize it from that perspective. Depending on the results you’ve made, adapt the description, or leave it as it was previously written. Set a deadline for the applications, and wait patiently.

Consider using an applicant tracking system

What is an ATS, and why should you use it?

An applicant tracking system is a tool that can make your recruitment process easier, even if you are not a professional recruiter. It allows you to create a job description, selection process, sort the candidates by their characteristics, book interviews easily, and much more.

Creating a selection process

Decide how many steps of the selection process you want to have. The first one can be collecting resumes and motivational letters, and the following ones - online tests or interviews.

Make a distinction between the candidates

Decide who you want in the next selection round, and who did not meet the requirements. Depending on the ATS, there are various options on how to differentiate the candidates. Usually, they include leaving comments, highlighting the candidate’s traits, etc.

Book an interview

A good ATS will allow you to book an interview with a candidate in a few simple clicks. Make a list of the candidates who’ve made it to the final round, and schedule the interviews. Before the candidates arrive at the interview, you should make preparations for it.

Preparing the interview

You should prepare the questions for the candidates and be ready to answer some of theirs. As someone with limited experience in recruitment, you can always find valuable tips online. We have written an article about basic tips for conducting interviews. Give it a read and you will surely find useful information. The first interview might not be perfect, but eventually, you will get better, know what you want, and what to expect.

It is not easy doing recruitment when you are qualified for something else. However, as a small business owner, sometimes you will have to take on the role of a recruiter.

You can make it a fun and new experience, by doing a lot of research, and using a tool such as ATS. It is not an expensive investment, and it can give you a glimpse of how it feels to be an HR professional. When your company grows big enough, you should consider hiring HR. We are sure that it will be an exciting challenge!

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