March 26th, 2020

Recruiting remotely

Hiring someone in person is more effective than doing it remotely. However, circumstances sometimes require that you do it online. Some companies have more remote employees than office ones. Whatever the case, it’s good to know basic tips for remote hiring.

Create a pleasant environment

Regardless of your profession, your surrounding matters. It can affect both your mood and work efficiency. The same applies to remote recruitment.

If you are hiring from your home - try to do it in a well-lit room. Make sure it’s tidy so that you’ll make a good impression on a candidate. Make the room a working space, but a cozy and comfortable place at the same time.

The office probably won’t give you the same freedom as your home, but similar advice applies. Well lit, tidy, cozy as possible.

Adding plants to your work desk is always a good idea. Combine that with your favorite toys or a personal customized mug, and work will always feel a bit like home.

If you have pets, make sure that they won’t jump all over your desk during the interview. It’s lovely to have them around, but not during an important interview. You can make an exception if they are properly trained and the candidate does not have a problem with it.

Keep it professional. While working in your garden or generally outdoors can surround you with pretty views, it’s not the best choice for a business conversation of any kind. Consider always being inside your office or home.

Have proper equipment

If you are a gamer by chance, you’ll know that it is not pleasant when someone’s microphone is not working properly. Or, if you’ve ever joined a conference call where you’ve heard screeching that a broken record can produce. Not pleasant at all.

Laptops have built-in microphones that usually work properly. If you are using another device, a decent external microphone will do the job. For the best quality, you should buy headphones with a microphone. That way you will minimize the background noises that built-in microphones can pick up.

Headphones are recommended for two simple reasons: You can hear the interviewee better, and they don’t have to share what they say with the people around you.

Depending on the interview type - a camera can come in handy. Once again, laptops already have them, but external ones do not cost a fortune.

Be prepared

Similarly to a face-to-face interview, you should be prepared for a remote one. It can get awkward quickly if the call starts, and you have no idea what to ask the interviewee.

You should do a sound and video check at first, to make sure that your equipment is working properly. Continue with the usual greetings and then get on with the essentials for the job.

Be prepared for some technical issues. There might be connection problems or of a similar sort. Try not to show any frustration, especially if the problem is on the candidate’s side. They are already anxious enough to begin with.

Get familiar with the tool

You can choose from a variety of tools for online communication. Try not to overthink it, because they are all the same, more or less.

Once you’ve made your pick, get more familiarized with it. You don’t want to find yourself trying to figure out how to send a document or use basic features during the interview. The candidate will expect that you are prepared for it.

Send instructions to the applicant

Logically, you and the candidate both need to use the same software. It’s recommended that you schedule the interview a few days in advance. Give the candidate instructions on how and where to download the software, and time to do it. As hard as it seems to believe, there are people who’ve never used Skype for example.


Online communication will never be the same as the live one. Even though you are both human beings interacting with each other, it somehow lacks something.

You don’t need to smile like you’ve just met Batman. But, it won’t hurt if you make the candidate realize that they are not just another candidate on the schedule. Being friendly will make the interview more enjoyable for both sides.

When the conversation is over, thank the candidate for their time like you would normally do, and let them hang up first.

These are some of the key points to think about during remote recruitment. They should come in handy, regardless of your previous experience with online interviews.

A good ATS tool can help you significantly with the remote hiring process. Apart from all the standard benefits, you can collaborate with your team and go through the process smoothly and efficiently.

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