November 5th, 2020

Recruiting a Lot of People in a Short Amount of Time

Sometimes you need to make a lot of hires, fast. Usually, there’s a good reason behind it, meaning that your company is expanding. Whatever the reason, you should have a good strategy to combine the candidates’ quality with their quantity.

If your business is growing in numbers, that’s great news. But, it’s an important moment that brings more responsibility. New hires will influence the overall workforce in the company and impact the future of it.

There’s a lot to keep in mind here. The number of candidates that you need to interview is one thing. Hiring them in large quantities while maintaining balance in the company’s culture is another.

As a bonus, you need to think about two metrics: time to hire and quality of hire. You can prepare for this challenge, one step at a time.

Create a Team

Have you ever seen a superhero movie where the main characters do everything on their own? No matter how powerful they are, there’s always a sidekick or two.

Who can help? For starters, other recruiters. They will do the sourcing and screening of potential candidates.

Next up are your colleagues. For example: if you need to hire fifty social media managers, get someone from the existing team to assist you. They will help you better understand what skills to look for and decide who can be a good fit for the position.

Write a Detailed and Completely Transparent Job Description

Once you define with your colleagues the profile of an ideal candidate for the role, you should focus on describing the company’s culture. If it’s clear enough what you want, you will attract the right candidates and save time for your hiring process.

Know Where to Look

If you try to catch some fish in a swimming pool, you’ll probably end up hungry. It’s important to have the right sources when you are short on time.

LinkedIn can help, but there are more options to consider:

  • Other social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).
  • Current employees - Recommendations based on mutual trust within the company.
  • Hiring platforms - Websites specifically made for the job posting.
  • Your current candidates’ database - If you are using recruitment software, you can search among the applicants you have interviewed before.

Expand your options. It’s understandable if you have trustful sources, but you could see what others are using.

New Hires Can Help, Too

First, you will probably recruit for the roles that are a priority. Once you start hiring candidates, use them for referrals. There’s a good chance that they know at least one more person with similar qualifications and interests. Resources for new applicants will be all around; you just need to utilize them.

Use Technology

Hiring tools are becoming more present every day. They can be very helpful and useful, especially when you have to engage with many candidates.

Some have a well-structured candidate database that makes sourcing easier, as we’ve already mentioned. Most save you time on things you had to do manually in the past. If you don’t have experience with HR software, go for an effective and simple hiring tool.

Organize Your Recruitment Process and Structure Interviews

Before you start sourcing candidates, you should create a selection pipeline. Decide how many steps the whole process will have and what they consist of.

Then, you can organize a meeting with your team and structure the interviews. If you predetermine the questions and expected answers, it will be easier to filter out the applicants.

When a candidate reaches the final stage, you can interview them with a colleague who’s in the same role. Afterward, the two of you can share thoughts on how they performed and if they are a good fit.

Keep Track of Your Metrics

Once you start making your first hires, you can look at the statistics and analyze HR metrics. The numbers will tell you if you are doing okay or need to change something.

Let’s imagine that you have three selection steps. After a month, you figure out that everyone who goes past the first one makes it to the third. Then, you realize that you can save time by simply skipping the second step.

Recruiting a lot of people in a short amount of time is challenging. That’s why you should have a team, but also consider getting a tool that will automate some tasks and do the heavy lifting for you.

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