June 8th, 2020

Post Coronavirus Recruitment

The Coronavirus has marked the first half of 2020. It was all over the news, and everyone was talking about it. Your family, friends, colleagues, even strangers you came across. It made an impact on a lot of people and different aspects of their lives. Companies lost profit, and their employees lost jobs. Things will change, and among them - recruitment.

The economy has its good and bad years, that’s normal. Some firms recover from crises, while others get shut down. What’s important is that the new competitors will come and fill in the spots. Those are either startups who used the crisis as their benefit or people who want to create new opportunities.

The main point is - there will be new open positions. That’s the case with the Covid-19. It caused unemployment on a global scale. In some countries the situation with the virus is considered stable. but the pandemic’s consequences are not over yet.

People who lost their jobs have families to feed and bills to pay. It’s only a matter of time when you will have hundreds of applicants per position. Let’s discuss a few main points about recruitment in the near future, and the approaches you can take.

If you are currently using an Applicant Tracking Software, then you are aware of its benefits. There’s a good chance that you have a candidate pool, and within it, a database of applicants. That list contains profile information of your current and previous employees, as well as people who were close to getting a job. Your company probably wants to have minimal expenses, so you should first start with what you have. When new positions open, try to find the right people in your database.

In the other case scenario, you don’t have an ATS at the moment, but you want the best way to organize your recruitment process. Let’s get back to the fact that there will be hundreds of applicants for a single position, if not more. To manually manage those people will not be efficient for your company. It won’t be easy to reach them in the first place. That’s why you should consider getting an Applicant Tracking Software, it will be a great addition to your hiring routine.

There’s a chance that you have an ATS tool, but want to replace it. Ideally, you get to save all of the information and import it to the new one. With iglooHR, you can do just that.

Some Applicants Might be Hard to Handle

The lockdown is not a pleasant thing. Sure, it was an opportunity to spend more time with people we love, play games we did not have time for, take a break from the world. Yet, being in a closed space for a few months and changing our daily routines noticeably, has its downsides. It is a mental fight that not everyone is equally prepared for.

As a recruiter, sometimes you have to be a psychologist, too. People went through a lot, and they’ll do their best to share their story with you. Every individual will try to convince you why they need and deserve the position. The usual question: “Why should we hire you?” will probably result in answers filled with mixed emotions.

A great deal of those people lost their jobs, have to pay the rent, the bills, and care about their family. You should try and show empathy, even though your final decision will depend on their competency, not life circumstances. It won’t be easy to stay objective.

Our point is - you’ll have a lot to deal with. Some people will have Coronavirus PTSD; it’s a real thing. In the process, don’t forget to think about yourself, too. After all, you went through a similar experience as those who will sit opposite from you. Do what you do best, but keep in mind that the circumstances are not the same as before.

Because of the Coronavirus, many people exchanged their offices for their living rooms and started working remotely. Some of them grew fond of it, and now they have to change their habits all over again. Perhaps they were more productive by working solo, without any distractions.

Some of them realized that they could perform just as well, if not better when they work from home. With those employees, you have two choices:

  • Help them readapt to the office environment and explain why the company needs them there.
  • Talk with your superiors about the possibility of making remote work for some people permanent. Of course, this depends on a lot of circumstances. You should try and foresee which option is the best for the future of your company.

Online interviews also have their perks and might become more frequent. One thing’s for sure: remote work and hiring took a big step forward during the pandemic. We’ve realized that even in lockdown, and with software for team collaboration, we can get work done.

These are only some of the key points related to the future of recruitment in general. It’s hard to predict what exactly will happen and how things will look like in a few months. Who knows, maybe new trends and big ideas will come out of it.

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