March 2nd, 2020

Tips For Improving Your Quality of Hire

Quality over quantity, right? Regardless of the company’s size, recruiting talented candidates will always bring more profit, than just filling in available positions. Surely, it’s hard to imagine that all employees will be extremely talented and unique.

The talented candidates are the ones who make a difference. Difference between your company ending up being successful or simply disappearing from the market. If a company finds it difficult to hire candidates of high caliber, it’s facing a potentially big problem. We’ll talk about some changes you can make in your recruitment process for improving your quality of hire.

Revisit your job descriptions regularly

Job descriptions seem like the easiest part of the recruitment process. That’s not far from the truth, but it all depends on how well you, as a recruiter, understand the position.

The technologies are advancing rapidly, especially in the digital industry and economy. What was asked from a candidate a few months ago, can now be obsolete. New responsibilities, additional skills, more experience - for the same position.

In other words, if your current job description is more than half a year old - you won’t get the most suitable candidate for it. Be informed on the changing requirements of the position, and update the job description accordingly.

Know which soft and hard skills you seek

Defining the desired candidate’s skills should be relatively easy. Don’t overthink it and make it more complicated than it needs to be. If you do so, the chances are high that you’ll lose a talented candidate. Your competition will be more than glad to hire them more quickly and efficiently.

Be realistic. Know what are the minimum requirements you are asking for. Hard skills, soft skills, candidate’s personality type, cultural fit, their values…

That way, you’ll recognize a potential quality hire fast and minimize the risk of having to hire an average candidate in the end.

Prepare the right interview questions

Once you are satisfied with the job description and distinguishing which set of skills you are looking for - it’s time for the interview. Logically, this step will influence your quality of hire the most. It’s the moment that precedes your decision of either hiring a candidate or rejecting them.

Questions should be closely related to the skills required for the position. Make sure to dig into the candidate’s previous experience with the position, as it will reveal more than enough if they are suitable to take on the challenge.

Performance-based and behavioral questions are best suited for learning more about their past. Once again, to prepare the right interview questions, you should:

  • Prepare a set of questions according to the level of competency that is required.
  • Test the candidate’s skills with corresponding performance-based and behavioral questions.
  • Use both your and the candidate’s time on the interview wisely. They might be the top talent you are looking for.

Be as objective as possible

In professional recruitment, it’s not often the case that candidates are hired based on their charming skills rather than the ones required for the position. However, sometimes companies do the opposite. They hire the most likable person.

That does not necessarily lead to a bad hire since in some cases those candidates will be the best fit for the position. Although, sometimes the charm is the only thing that gets the candidate hired. Shortly after you realize that their skills do not match your criteria.

It’s okay to fancy some candidates more than others due to their charisma and social skills. However, when it comes to recruitment, it’s advisable to be objective. If you are not sure whether you are being subjective or objective, let your colleagues help you with their opinion.

Continually filling the company’s open positions with quality hires is not easy. It takes time and experience to learn how to recognize talent when you see it. It’s not impossible, either, and well-established companies serve to prove it. They would not be leaders in the industry if their quality of hire was not raised exponentially.

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