April 6th, 2020

Improve your hiring process with a modern ATS

The Applicant Tracking System is present in the recruitment industry for a while now. Its purpose is to make hiring easier and more organized. There’s no restriction to who can use it, because it can be profitable for everyone: startups, small businesses, large companies.

Like many other systems which are in development for years now, ATS goes through constant improvement. The choice is vast. Some are more complex and have too many features, while some give you the essentials and are simple to use. Their purpose is the same - to improve your hiring process. So, what traits should a modern ATS have?

Simple yet efficient

Like we’ve already said, there are tools out there with a lot of features. Some of them you will never use, and the software will not be user-friendly in that sense. In the beginning, it might not pose a problem, but eventually it will. Imagine being in a hurry, and you get lost in various options and suboptions. It isn’t efficient.

You want to be able to go through basic elements of hiring confidently, and with ease. A modern ATS should at least cover:

  • Job Board - A place where you can create new open positions with a few clicks. Everything and everyone related to that specific job will be in one place.
  • Hiring pipeline - Decide how many steps your selection process will have. Name them, put in the desired order, add candidates, and move them as they progress.
  • Interview scheduling - With a modern ATS system, you don’t need to use additional tools when you want to schedule an interview. Choose the time and date and share the information with your team.
  • Candidate pool - This is a place where you can keep track of every candidate who applied for your company. Current and former employees can be there, too. If you are looking for a specific person, find them by typing their name. You should also be able to search for specific keywords, such as: “Java developer”. The candidate pool will list out all the candidates who have that mentioned in their CV.
  • Reports - There’s no space for improvement if you don’t have feedback, statistics of what you’ve done. Every ATS should provide you with a reports page.

These are the essentials. You should look for a tool that can provide you with all of the above while being simple to use. Every software will offer you subfeatures, which usually help to distinguish the candidates, personalize them, etc. In short - to make the software both fun and practical.

Affordable, with no hidden fees

Tools that offer more than enough features are often more expensive. You can argue that it’s reasonable since they offer you more. Although, sometimes less is more, and we’ve tried to cover that with the arguments mentioned above. Efficient simplicity would be the term.

ATS systems usually come with a monthly subscription. Pick one that won’t make much impact on your finances, while helping you organize your recruitment process. Watch out for hidden fees, know what you are paying for. The offer should be transparent and allow you to make the most out of the software you’ve chosen.

The good thing is that there’s a vast choice of ATS tools. However, it’s not easy to find a suitable one among them. You want a tool that offers essentials, but at the same time, allows you to control a great deal of information quickly. An ATS that will make you more productive and enjoy your job, with a transparent offer and payment system.

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