April 27th, 2020

How To Deal With a Shortage of Talent for Skills Your Company Needs

For some positions, it’s hard to find any candidates, let alone talented ones. The need for devoted and skilled people who can multitask grows bigger each day. It increases proportionally with the job requirements in specific areas. One of the examples is the tech industry. Finding an experienced and versatile programmer is a challenge. Even if you offer a decent salary and additional benefits, there’s no guarantee that the desired candidate will accept it.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you can’t fill an open position for weeks, even months? Candidates come and go, among them some who really stand out and are perfect for the job. Still, for various reasons, you can’t hire them.

There’s also a situation which interests us more for this article. You can find the talented candidates, but it’s still not enough. Your company needs more, it’s expanding.

How did the big names like Microsoft and Amazon solve this problem? In 2019 Microsoft had 148.465 employees. As for Amazon, we are looking at a number of 750.000 people. Surely, not all of them are unique and exceptional, but a great deal of them are. Without further ado, let’s dive into potential solutions for the lack of talent.

I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy

Personal recommendations are always welcome. If you’ve contributed to the company enough to gain trust from the people who run it, there’s a chance that you can help. When you hear about an open position and have someone in mind who would be perfect for it, you’ll spread the word. The potential candidate will contact your employer and half of the job is done. Unless, you’ve lied about your friend’s skills, of course.

This type of recruitment gets easier as the company grows. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be applied to startups and small businesses, too. Periodic informal conversations can come in handy. You never know what connections your employees have.

In-House Hiring

Another way to find potential talent is to search for it in your offices. However,you should plan it in advance.

In other words, try to invest in your current employees. Organize training, seminars, help them develop their skills further. They will be motivated to work harder and feel like you truly care for them. That investment will be beneficial for your business. When the time comes to open a new demanding position, some of those employees might be the perfect fit.

Remote Work

If you can’t find a suitable candidate in your area, or country even - try to find a remote one. Not all companies can afford this, but most can. Digital agencies, software development, online teaching schools, etc.

Trying to find someone outside of your physical reach improves your chances of reaching a talented individual. We would say that the sky's the limit, but you still can’t hire aliens. Jokes aside - widening your area of search will not guarantee success, but it will bring you closer to it.

Consider Updating Your Job Offer

There’s a chance that your job description does not attract the right people. If you are not satisfied with the candidates who applied, try to figure out where’s the problem

It’s always a good idea to ask your current employees what they think about the offer you’ve written. They can give you ideas and honest feedback on what’s missing.

In association with the above - keep your job posts open even when you are not actively looking for new hires. You never know who might come across it, perhaps exactly the person you need.

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