December 14th, 2020

The Future of Remote Work

Online language teachers are a great example where employees never set foot in their company’s office. Still, they manage to get the job done and receive monthly compensation for it. Remote work isn’t new to us, but in the future, more professions will adapt to it.

Most businesses prefer to have their employees in an office. It’s a rational thing to do since it creates a sense of community and makes communication easier. Colleagues can collaborate quickly and efficiently, creating profit for their employer in the process.

But, in some cases companies opt for remote work. The cause can be the nature of their work, lack of funds, or a global pandemic like Covid19.

The virus has not only taught us how to wash hands properly but also that we can achieve a lot, even from the comfort of our home. Here’s a few thoughts about how remote work could look like in the near future.

Stores Going Online

One of the largest international fashion companies, Zara, had to close approximately 1.200 shops around the world. A question that comes to mind is: what happened to the employees? Luckily enough, a lot of them got reassigned to other positions, such as dispatching online purchases.

This can mean that other brands could pick up the trend and migrate a good amount of their physical stores online. New positions will open, while the remaining ones such as customer support could grow in numbers.

Remote Work Days

Employees can call in sick and either rest until they feel better or still manage to do some work under a warm blanket. They can also use their vacation days and recharge their batteries for the upcoming period.

Soon enough, we could see an addition to a standard workplace, called “remote work days”. Employees could use them when they need to work remotely, for whatever the reason.

It would be up to the companies to decide the quantity of those days. During this pandemic, we’ve proved that we can work remotely for months. Surely a few days out of the office now and then in the future wouldn’t make much of a difference.

The Use of Technology Will Grow

Working from home wouldn’t be possible without effective software for collaboration and other benefits. To use that software, people will need corresponding hardware. Fast and reliable machines able to execute multiple tasks simultaneously.

This could make a huge increase in the usage of hiring tools for example. We all hope that soon enough employment rates will go up, and that means that recruiters will have a lot of work to do.

Recruitment software will help them manage a lot of applicants and go through their selection process faster and easier. They get to choose from various software, but they should go for the ones that are user-friendly and affordable.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

If we could make a survey on a global scale about the effectiveness of remote work, the results would most likely be different, to say the least. For some companies it showed as surprisingly good, while others probably still prefer traditional work and can’t wait to go back to their offices.

There’s also the category whose nature of work isn’t remote work-friendly, so to say. Of course, we mean the hospitals, fire departments, police stations, etc. To help others, they usually need to be involved physically. That’s perfectly fine since it will balance things out. Imagine if everyone could work from their home, it would look post-apocalyptic.

Twitter announced that its employees can work remotely forever, while Facebook and Google extended the work from home option until the end of 2020. A lot of huge offices are empty right now, and so far people are enjoying the benefits of it. No commuting, traffic jams, paying for fuel and other expenses. Some of them receive compensation to buy the necessary equipment for the work-from-home experience.

Is the remote work trend going towards one direction, or is it a reversible process? Only time will show, but so far the moment of deciding the future trends doesn’t seem close.

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