April 13th, 2020

How to Engage Your Candidates Through Social Media

There are many ways to reach potential and current applicants. You can do it through a job post on your website or someone else’s, targeted emails, or by scouting online. Apart from those there’s one more - social media. It’s free, practical, and beneficial if you do things the right way.

First Off, Be Visible

To begin, you should make sure that you are present on every social media that you need. That includes, but is not limited to: Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, and Twitter.

Take your time to set up your profiles on those networks. Ensure that your logo, company description, and all the other information look valid and trustworthy. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a renowned company; everything should look professional.

Prepare Some Content

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you enter someone’s profile, and it’s empty? No posts, pictures, nothing. It doesn’t seem legit, right? You can’t gain any trust in that company.

People who visit your page will feel the same if there is no content. You should make an effort to have enough posts so that people can scroll a bit through them. Around ten should do the trick. Afterward, make your followers used to a schedule - posting once or more times a week at a specific time.

Be diverse. Make your content engaging and versatile. It does not have to be strictly formal always, though it depends on your brand. Make videos, upload pictures, slide in a joke or two - even memes are allowed.

Get Followers

When it comes to trusting a brand, its followers play an important role. Similar to finding a page with no content, having no followers is a red flag.

It might sound harsh, but people rely on these numbers. No matter how good you are at what you do, they will always check how many people are subscribed to your newsfeed.

To begin with, you can invite your friends to like the page, and ask your colleagues to do the same. That should be enough, assuming that you get at least more than 100 people this way. The point is - don’t let your profile look incomplete, empty.

Interact With The Passive Candidates Through a Video

Once you are satisfied with your initial content and number of followers, think of a strategy to communicate with the passive candidates indirectly. Don’t worry about the active ones, they’ll interact on their own.

Apart from videos, you can create surveys and share them with the potential candidates. Have your employees post on behalf of the company from time to time. It’s an excellent way to show your brand culture.


Try not to have a one-sided relationship with people interested in your company. Encourage them to comment on your posts, ask questions, or even send you a direct message.

By doing this, you’ll give an impression that your company is friendly and pleasant to work in. When you reply to their messages, remember to stay formal, but don’t respond like an automated system would. Show them that you are honestly committed to creating a good community.

Upload Fresh Content

As we’ve mentioned already, you should try to have an organized schedule for your posts. Your followers will eventually get used to it and expect updates regularly.

You can upload pictures, videos, create polls, share news from the industry you’re in, and so on. Our advice is to avoid constant self-promotion and to talk about your brand only. That probably won’t be a good sign for the interested applicants.

We’ve covered the basics of engaging your candidates through social media, more or less. The rest is up to you. Put your creativity to the test, and the results should come eventually.

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