July 21st, 2020

How to Deal With Employees Who Have Coronavirus PTSD

In the past months, we were constantly looking for solutions to fight Covid19. One of them was to work remotely until things get better. There are companies that can't afford to continue doing business like this because of the nature of their work. Factories are one example. Their employees will go back to work, and some might have Coronavirus PTSD.

We are dealing with an invisible enemy on a global scale. Some of us took on the role of civilians, while healthcare and essential workers are on the front lines. They work day and night while having to make important decisions in order to keep us safe.

Those people might get Covid19 PTSD in the future, and even those who are working remotely from home, safe and sound. Let’s discuss what companies can do to help those with PTSD get back on their feet.

Give Them Time

We are creatures of habit. Some had to adapt to remote work, and now they need to get used to working in the office again. Businesses should keep this in mind and give their employees time to readapt to their environment.

Employers will probably want things to go back to normal quickly: workers to start performing equally well as before. It is understandable, but that kind of pressure can create opposite results. They should take baby steps with their team and be leaders, not bosses.

Talk to Them

Show that you care about your employees as individuals. If you have a smaller team let them know they can reach out to you. That way, they can open up and help you understand what you can do to make them feel better and gradually become more productive.

The conversation should be optional, their choice. Not everyone will open up straight away, but eventually, they should be able to.

For larger companies, you could organize group sessions, where everyone can talk about how they feel, but also relax and have fun a bit. It will bring people together, both emotionally and physically. Like with smaller companies, those meetings and conversations shouldn’t be mandatory.

Make Them Feel Safe

Among other things, we got used to wearing masks, gloves, and using disinfectants. You should consider getting these for your workers, as it can help them feel more relaxed.

It should take a few weeks for things to get back to normal. At some point, you and your employees won’t need to worry about masks or additional virus protection.

This short list should help you manage employees who have, or will have Coronavirus PTSD. Hopefully, it will help you establish good relationships and communication in your team.

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