December 7th, 2020

Christmas Company Party in Pajamas Instead of Fancy Suits?

It’s that time of the year again. We see Christmas trees and decorations all over the place on the streets and in shopping malls. The New Year mood is slowly getting out there, and we are ready to celebrate, but not like we used to.

Office parties are a thing. Usually, it’s a special day reserved for relaxing chit chat, music, food and drinks. One of the rare ones where you’ll spend time in your company without having to even think about work.

Employees get together to celebrate the end of one year and the upcoming of the next. This time things will look a bit different. With the pandemic going on, most people crave that sense of togetherness, community. Some even spent a long time away from their families and loved ones.

That’s why businesses should figure out a way to adapt and still somehow give their colleagues a chance to feel like they belong to a team. It’s not easy to replace a classic New Year celebration, but you can improvise.

People Can Hang Out Online - For Free

Funny how we forgot to mention that preparations for these Christmas gatherings aren’t cheap. Imagine a company with a few hundred employees. Every individual will get a few drinks and something to eat. Add the DJ to the list and potentially someone to clean up the mess when it’s all over. Yikes, that would be a hefty bill.

The upside of hosting online parties is that you don’t have to worry about any of it. Take Hubs by Mozilla, for example. It’s a tool where you can create rooms in Virtual Reality, decorate them as you want, and even make your unique avatars. VR headset isn’t necessary for participation, but it sure makes it more fun.

Employees can interact with text or voice chat, move across the map just like in a video game, and do interesting things together. All free of charge. The only thing left for you to do is the logistics part, where you’ll take the idea to people and convince them that they’ll have a fantastic time. Firefox also got you covered with a detailed tutorial on how to use Hubs.

There’s a slight alternative to this, called Discord. On this platform, people can use text, voice or video chat. Additionally, they can send pictures and gifs. Gamers commonly use it for communication, so you could also think of a game that your employees can play while hanging out in the chat.

Skip the Party and Send Out Presents

Perhaps you can tweak stuff a bit and forget about the gathering this year. Instead, you could focus on surprising people and their families with some unique gifts.

It will show how much you know them and that you care, as their employer. Again, the logistics behind it could be tricky depending on the number of hires you have, but it’s worth the trouble. The only real obstacle in the process could be the delivery time as companies doing it have a lot of work right now.

Everyone loves a present under the Christmas tree, regardless of age. Getting one from your employer is not an every day, or should we say every year thing. Your employee satisfaction will skyrocket if you manage to do both the party and gifts!

Let People Do the Talking

You’ve probably been in a situation where your best friend's birthday is coming up, and you just can’t think of a perfect present, even after days of searching. There are three options here:

  • Risk it and actually get them what they want
  • Appreciate the effort they are trying to make while opening the present, and not show how disappointed they are
  • Ask them what they need and nail the present

It’s easier to do this with one person than with a group of employees, but it’s worth the shot. What if some of them don’t have the proper equipment to play the games we’ve mentioned or adequate internet connection?

If you have a large community and want to meet their wishes and needs, you should do a survey where they’ll present ideas and thoughts on how the New Year celebration could look like. In the end, choose the option that most people voted for, and try to make it happen. Others might be a bit dissatisfied, but they’ll know that it was a fair play when it came to voting.

No matter which option you choose, this New Year will most likely be different than the previous ones. That includes any celebration, not only the ones within a company. House and restaurant parties with friends and family are a no go, so we have to figure things out. We wish you the best of luck with preparations and hope that your employees will love the outcome.

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