February 24th, 2020

Common challenges recruiters are faced with

Recruitment is many things, but it’s far from being boring. Regardless of the experience in the field, an average recruiter will be faced with new challenges weekly, if not daily. They can be difficult and sometimes unpredictable, but there are ways to overcome them.

Barging into a bar where recruiters meet to relax and talk about the common problems they face at work would be ideal for this article. Sadly, we’ve had to get information elsewhere. However, during our research, we’ve found out that the biggest challenges are the ones that all recruiters acknowledge and agree about. We’ll name them and offer solutions based on what the recruiters are saying from their overall experience.

Too much noise

Imagine trying to attract a perfect partner for you while being surrounded by a lot of people. Those people are interested in the same person, and they are doing their best to make the most appealing offer.

With recruiting, it’s the same. Companies are fighting for candidates, especially in the IT industry. They are loud and relentless, popping out of that person’s mobile phone, PC, tablet. You get the idea. Candidates won’t be able to easily opt-out for your job ad unless it offers something unique and different.

Solution: Try to stand out from the crowd. Shouting louder won’t help, the competition is too big. Optimize your way of advertising in a way that will make a candidate think: “Hmm, this is different, refreshing. I’ll check it out.”

Passive candidates

Let’s take a look at the basic definition of a passive candidate: People who are content with their current position in a specific company.

However, they are wanted by recruiters because of their experience and niche specific skills. So, how do you reach someone who would appreciate better working conditions, but does not want to bother and actively look for them?

The first stop is social media. Since passive candidates obviously won’t visit job searching websites, you need to start jumping out of their closets, literally. Still, that won’t be enough. Remember the noise-making? Yeah, they will hear it a lot, too. Craft a job ad that will make even the perfect conditions look like average ones. Let the passive candidate know what they are missing out. Convince them that they can do better.

Candidates are pursuing multiple opportunities

Contrary to passive candidates, active ones can also be hard to deal with. They are unemployed and ready to scroll through tens and hundreds of job ads. Also, they will write personalized motivational letters, adapt their resumes a countless number of times, and fill long application forms. Sounds great, right?

Well, not really. The problem here is that they are scattered all over the market. Passive candidates usually know what they want, which is not often the case with active applicants. Active candidates are in pursuit of multiple opportunities.


  1. Improve your hiring speed. Active candidates will lose interest in your position approximately after ten days.
  2. Create a candidate pool. You don’t have to always begin your talent search from scratch. The candidate pool is a place where you can place all the applicants who were rejected, but are skilled and can be considered for future positions.

Hiring Speed

Picture this: You are in the middle of a big project. For whatever reason, one of your best employees quits the job or gets fired. With every following day, your company will sustain losses. You need to act quickly and find someone who will be skilled enough to fill the previous employee’s position. That is a scenario that can happen to any recruiter and is quite stressful. How do you handle it?

You look into your candidate pool and get into touch with the most suitable candidate. Repeat until you find someone who is still looking for a job, and would consider taking on the responsibility in a short period.

Applicant Tracking System

ATS isn’t one of the challenges recruiters are facing. It’s a solution that can help you be more efficient and successful with all of the challenges mentioned above. The results of our research show that recruiters can make great use of candidate pools. They are only one of the amazing features that an ATS can offer. They were never as affordable as they are today, so be sure to check them out. Our suggestion is iglooHR, the best way to organize your recruitment process!

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