October 5th, 2020

How To Choose Between Two Perfect Candidates of Equal Skill and Experience?

It sounds great to have two top-notch candidates in the final round of your hiring process. Both are equally skilled and experienced. But at the same time, this is a tricky situation. You should make a decision before your competitors get a hold of them.

Talented candidates are rare findings in recruitment. Usually, their resume stands above others, and you want them in your team. That’s easy when there’s no competition, but what should you do when the final choice is between two such candidates?

They are aware of how much value they can bring to your business or someone else’s. Time’s ticking, and they are receiving other offers in the meantime. Luckily, other recruiters have dealt with these scenarios in the past, and they have common advice to share.

Corporate Culture Fit

If your company is large and has hundreds of employees, you’ll want to ensure that this talent you are hiring will get along with potential colleagues. They should also fit the values that your business represents and what it stands for. By the time they reach the final step of the selection process, you’ll probably have a good insight into their professional background.

It would be a plus if their previous position was at a company whose company culture reflects yours, and vice versa. Still, that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, and we’ll soon explain why.

Culture Add Versus Culture Fit

There’s a chance that one of the candidates is not the best choice when it comes to the current corporate culture. But, consider if you need someone new and refreshing. They might bring awesome new ideas and make a significant, positive change inside your offices.

It’s up to you and your superiors to decide whether you want to take chances with someone who’s not your usual employee type. Among other things, it can depend on the company’s size. Large businesses want stability, while startups can always use some innovations and fresh ideas.

Advanced Thinking

Usually, when you are about to hire someone, they’ll start working as soon as possible. You see them as an addition to the team which you obviously need. So far so good, nothing odd there.

Now let’s spice things up and go back to two perfect candidates. There’s a tough choice in front of you, and the decision must be relatively quick. But, the answer might lie way ahead in the future. You can make your choice easier by figuring out which candidate will provide more value in the long run for future projects.

Interest and Enthusiasm Assessment

This one perfectly adds up to the previous advice. When these top-notch applicants reach the final stage, you probably know a good deal about them. First, there was the screening and then video or live interviews.

That’s not enough time to get to know someone. On the other hand, you got the opportunity to hear about their interests and have an impression of their mindset. You have an idea of what soft and technical skills they possess. All that knowledge should make your decision a tiny bit easier to make.

If it doesn’t, there’s always the beer test. Given the opportunity, which of the two candidates would you invite for a beer and informal chat? You’ll surely know the answer in an instant, and that can help you realize who would fit your company culture better.

Three is a Company

Perhaps you don’t need to choose. After all, we did conclude that finding talent is rare in recruitment. Having two of them in the grand finale is even less common.

You can organize a meeting with your superiors and explain the situation. There’s a chance that soon enough there will be a similar job opening. If the company’s budget allows it, you could hire both candidates.

Still, they’ll both want to feel like they got the job rightfully. You should make them feel equally worthy as employees, just as they were as candidates.

Stay Connected

In a situation where you can’t afford to hire both applicants, try to stay in touch with the one you didn’t choose. You should give them proper feedback and let them know that there might be an opportunity for them shortly.

If you are using recruitment software with a candidate database, try to keep their profile visible and ready for the next selection process.

Many recruiters have experienced this dilemma, and yet they would still struggle in making the right choice. The real question is: can you go wrong with choosing either of the two ideal candidates?

It’s all in the tiniest of details. There’s a chance that you can hire both, but also that they’ll slip away if the whole decision making takes too long. Whatever your choice is in the end, be proud of yourself because you know how challenging it is. Others will be aware of it, too.

Try to keep in mind your colleagues' advice, and you’ll be more confident that you’ve done the right thing. We wish you the best of luck with your talent hunt.

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