December 26th, 2019

Budgeting for your ATS

In this article we’ve prepared a few tips on how to purchase your ATS, or how to upgrade from the legacy one that you may already use

Emails and resumes are scattered everywhere. In your inbox, attachments, tools for instant messaging - everything seems like a mess. You barely have the time to remember your next meeting and recall important information about the candidate. The resume is nowhere to be found, and you’ll start the interview unprepared.

Understand why you need an ATS

Does the scenario above describe you, at least partially, or less dramatic? If yes, we are sure that you need change, which an ATS can provide. There are other signs which can indicate that you are ready for a new recruitment tool, or to change the existing one:

  • Your colleagues are talking about innovations and new methods. Going to conferences makes you realize that the tools are advancing. You notice that the changes are necessary and beneficial.
  • Problems and questions inspire you. You strive towards innovation and progress. Every once in a while, you ask yourself: “How does a company like Amazon successfully maintain a workforce of 750k employees?”
  • You always seek more. More efficient, better, valuable. For you, it is important to keep up with the trends, and more importantly - competition. New generations are coming, and with them, new tools and trends that are adapting to their needs and characteristics.
  • You are a business owner of a small company who cannot, or does not want to afford an HR at the moment, but needs new employees. With the help of a good ATS tool, you’ll handle the hiring process efficiently. When the time comes to hire an HR, that person won’t need much training for the tool.

Be a Team Player - Consult Your Colleagues

When the time comes for your organization to get or update a recruitment tool, teamwork hops in. The better it is - the better the outcome of it.

Making a team decision isn’t just about purchasing an ATS and spending some money on a monthly subscription. After all, the tools were never as affordable as they are today. What’s more relevant is that the team realizes why they need the tools. It is important that the tools are not just formally introduced. Entire hiring team should give it a try, and hopefully adopt it.

Present to the leadership

Who is referred to as the leadership usually depends on the scale of your company. It can be the management, investors, shareholders, boards, etc. You’ll know who to address for the tool presenting.

Of course, by presenting, we don’t mean that you should talk about the smallest of details. Instead, try to communicate with the leadership how you use tools and technology to shape the process in the HR department.

The leadership will appreciate to see the improvements you’ve made with the organization’s recruitment process. Show them reports, statistics, and let them know how the tool contributed. That way you’ll convince them that you’ve made an investment.

If there’s a conclusion to be made…

It’s that special budget planning for a simple ATS tool should not be necessary. If it is, you are probably buying a tool that is either too expensive, complex, or both.

Will your team use an ATS that they need a lot of training for, after which it will still be tricky to use it? You want an improvement, not something that will scale down your results.

Expensive tools have a tendency to offer subscriptions which ask for a long term commitment. In other words, with such complex tools you need to be careful when making the final decision, and ask yourself: “Is it worth it in the long run”? If you purchase it and realize that you’ve made a mistake, it won’t be easy switching to another ATS.

If you have a bad experience with an ATS you’re already using and want to switch to another one, it can be fairly easy to do. Choose a tool that will let you export all of your gathered data from the previous ATS. That way you’ll save your precious information, while continuing the recruitment process with a new, better, simpler tool.

There are more important things than budgeting

Without a doubt a number one - team decision. If you are united in choosing the right ATS tool, the team’s efficiency will grow significantly.

That’s where the true value is hidden. Change your way of thinking, adapt, and the results will come. Keep in mind that, in the recruiting process, the ATS tools are playing a support role, not the leading one.

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