October 10th, 2019

Basic Tips For Conducting Job Interviews

It’s optimistic to think that an interview can end with a 100% success. There will always be something for what you were a bit unprepared. However, there are things that you can have an influence on, and in this article, we’ve covered them for you.

Being a beginner is not easy, regardless of what you’re doing, and the HR field is not an exception.

Your experienced colleagues also had to start somewhere, and make mistakes/learn from them in the progress.

We’ve done some research on the topic of conducting interviews, and would love to share with you some basic tips that you can work on, to craft your interviewing skills.

Be Genuine

The first impression is essential. When you make the initial contact with the candidates, don’t be a robot. Show them that you value their interest in your company and their time.

That can be done by saying: “Hey, insert the person’s name here, congratulations for making it to the next phase! You are doing well. Can’t wait to meet you in person and see if we are a good fit”. Not too formal, not too cheesy.

Know What You Want

Try to imagine the perfect person for the position you are offering. That includes, but is not limited to: the candidate’s skills, experience, interests, education, etc. Is that person a team player, or are you looking for an ambitious solo adventurer? Should your candidates be fully work-oriented, or more outgoing?

The list of questions could be endless, but try to ask yourself the most important ones. By knowing what you want, the outcome will be better, both for you and the candidate.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Show the potential candidates that you treat your employees right. That you, the interviewer, are also a human being. If it’s blazing hot outside, offer them a glass of cold water or juice, and tell them that they can freely go and refresh themselves in the bathroom.

Offer them a seat, greet them with a smile, and ask them simple questions like: “So, how was your day?” or make a witty joke. The important thing is: help them get relieved from stress, feel welcome, and not worry about the conversation that’s coming up.

During the interview, you are in control of the situation. The candidates don’t know what question or task will come next. Consequently, they will be anxious. That is why it is necessary that they feel welcome, secure, and get rid off of the barrier with which they will walk in.

Last but not least - show them around the office, have your current employees say hi to them. It will boost the candidates’ morale and encourage them to give their best if they like what they see.

Listen To Them

Just looking at someone while they are speaking and nodding your head - does not mean that you are listening. They will give their best to focus on your questions, so it’s only natural that you return the favor by_ _listening to them. Candidates will know if you are not fully committed to the interview, and that will shake their confidence.

Be Creative

In the best-case scenario, you desire to select the best of the best. Those expectations are high, but not impossible to achieve. What can you do in terms of creativity, to increase your chances of hiring the right person?

It would be best if you strived to be different from the other employers. Ask creative questions and even those who “do not have the right answer.” Don’t be lazy and google “The best questions to ask in an interview.” Why?

The answer is quite simple: The candidates will find the answers to them. Ask generic questions - get generic answers. Eliminate your chances of sorting out the candidates with the most potential. Or, be creative.

What Rhymes With Nickelback?

Feedback. You can provide it both before the interview, and after. Once again, this will show how much you care, that you’ve listened, and that they are exceptional for coming that far.

After the feedback, let the candidates know how much they need to wait for your decision to be made. Some will lose sleep over it, so it’s only fair to let them know promptly..

You should be the person that the candidates will look up to after they leave the office, the person who earns their respect, and above all, you should act as a serious professional who is also their best friend at that moment.

Honesty, creativity, efficiency, genuinity - mix these, and you’ll be ready. Oh yeah, for full effect - read this article at least ten times.

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