October 26th, 2020

Are Cover Letters Important in Recruitment?

Cover letters can be a game-changer for candidates. They help recruiters hear the applicant’s story and meet them on a more personal level. A resume can only tell you so much.

Finding a job is a challenging task. On average, more than one hundred people apply for a single open position. They mostly share a common goal: getting a job and trying to make a decent living. Among them, some are particularly interested in your company and want to stand out from the crowd.

Value of a Cover Letter

Imagine being on a dating app. Usually, people upload their picture and basic information. It’s not enough to help you find your soul mate. Only when you start texting and finding more about a specific person, you’ll begin to realize if your relationship could work out. Sounds familiar?

If it does, it probably reminds you of resumes. They don’t show the true potential of candidates, and that’s where the cover letter steps in. You’ll come across different types of CLs during your screening process.

The Template

The internet is an enormous database of information. It doesn’t surprise that within seconds we can find templates for resumes and cover letters. All we have to do is update them with our information, and they’re good to go.

Some applicants really need a job as soon as possible. That’s why they send their documentation to a lot of job posts and don’t personalize it. Should you read those?

It’s your call. You might miss out on a great candidate just because they didn’t have time for a creative cover letter. It’s a decision that depends on a few factors, such as company culture and skills you are looking for. In other words, sometimes it won’t matter how they present themselves, because you’ll be more interested in what they can offer to your company.

Honest and Truthful

There’s a good chance that you’ve at least once read a CL that had something really special in it. The person who wrote it put their heart and soul into trying to convince you why they need the job. Not necessarily the one you are recruiting for, but any.

Those cover letters can contain sensitive and emotional information. For example, a candidate might inform you that they lost their job four months ago and have a family to take care of. People who include such personal details are not proud of it. They see it as a necessity to increase their chances of getting hired.

So, how do you deal with this? It might be hard, but you should try and stay objective. Even if you get subjective a bit, it’s okay. We are all human beings and sometimes act based on emotions. As long as the candidate in question meets other job requirements, you can justify your final decision.


It’s easy to recognize this type. From the beginning of the cover letter, you’ll see determination. These applicants will do their best to let you know that you should look no further.

You can feel their hype as they describe in detail what they’ve accomplished at their previous jobs. They’ll include other achievements, such as being on the high school’s basketball team.

These CLs can be very creative in the form of a rhyming poem. They’ll use anything that shows how badly they want the job. To top it all off, you will read high praise of your company and employees in general.

Motivational cover letters can be tricky because you can get the wrong impression. Someone might give you an impression of being very egoistic, while in reality they are very humble. It’s just that their work ethic is on point and they know how to present themselves.

Surely you can think of other types we didn’t mention. It’s good that we have that diversity since it can make your hiring process entertaining.

Are cover letters important in recruitment? It depends on your hiring style and the profile of a person your company needs. One thing’s for sure: they will rarely be completely redundant.

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