May 25th, 2020

Applicant Conversion Rate

When you post a job offer, it will reach a lot of people. However, not all of them will be interested in the position. The percentage of those who will, represents your applicant conversion rate. You can improve it, but it will depend on various factors.

Social media channels let you reach a large audience. When it comes to hiring, Facebook is still relevant, instagram is becoming more and more popular, while LinkedIn fulfills its purpose. It’s the current state, which can change within a month sometimes. What works best today won’t necessarily provide the same results in the future.

Regardless, the freedom that social media gives you comes with a challenge. You need to know where to post for optimal results, and sometimes proper timing is also important.

Your Source Matters

Let’s look at these two scenarios:

  • You post a job description for a Java developer in a group called “Marketing Specialists”. The outcome probably won’t be as expected. Your ACR will be low and only a referral could make it better. Someone from that group knows a guy who knows a Java developer, that kind of thing.
  • You are hiring for a remote position, and post the offer at 1 pm, in your time zone. This time the group is called “Freelance developers”. The problem is, members of that group will belong to different time zones. By the time they wake up, your offer might get flooded by other content.

How to Deal With the Scenarios Above?

Through proper advertising. If you target your audience thoroughly, the conversion rates should go up significantly. Social media channels let you choose who will see the ad in their feed. There are many filters, among which: age, location, profession, education, interests.

This does not guarantee success. Even with perfect targeting, your application conversion rate might end up low. The reason for that lies in the ad itself.

Job Description - Is It Specific Enough?

You have probably experienced a situation where you need a product. It doesn’t matter which one specifically. What’s important is that you come across advertisements for it. Lots of them. However, none of them interest you, make you call, react with the CTA.

It lacked something. The person who wrote the ad didn’t reach you, even though you are a potential customer. It’s similar with job descriptions. Sure, you need a software engineer and that’s said loud clear in the offer.

For some reason, though, a particular Peter Peterson is perfect for the position, but did not bother to apply. Perhaps he lives on another continent but you did not state that it’s a remote position. Or, his current salary is high, but he doesn’t know that it could be twice as much.

These are just some of the examples, but the point is: you might have missed out on something essential. Before you even start writing the job description, imagine your ideal candidate. Find out everything about them. Then, describe them along with all the position related benefits, and post the ad.

The Applicant Conversion rate tells you how efficient your initial recruitment steps are. If you expect a large number of applications and end up with half as much, something might be wrong.

You should ask for feedback from your team members and colleagues. Perhaps you are hiring for a position which already exists in your company. Ask that person if they would apply for it if they saw it posted somewhere. Be thorough, patient, and your ACR should improve over time.

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