January 23rd, 2020

All-Star Hiring - How a Hiring Team Should Look Like?

Hiring is a team effort. Just like any other sports team, there has to be some synergy between the members of it. Not necessarily but, the better the synergy - the better the results.

Imagine having an HR team with people who share a particular trait - empathy. Their hiring will be biased even though they would probably be making mutual decisions. Now try to see those HR people as a part of a big company, with more than 10k employees over the world. What would be the outcome of their hiring process? Probably nothing, because, in reality, a company with over 10k employees won’t have a biased HR team.

On the contrary, it will have a well-structured group of highly professional and skilled people. Their personalities and hiring methods will be different, but that’s how it should be in the first place.

The usual suspects of a hiring team

In football, there’s a striker, midfielder, goalkeeper, etc. To achieve their goal, they must work as a team. Eleven individuals with a different set of skills, but the same goal - literally.

In recruitment, it’s similar. Who are those individuals, and what is their contribution to the hiring team?

  1. Recruiters - one of the key roles in the hiring team’s strategy. They are doing much more than sourcing and managing the candidates’ communication. Those tasks include, but are not limited to:
  2. Coordinating the interviews
  3. Writing job descriptions
  4. Communication with the Hiring Manager
  5. Representing the company’s visions and goals
  6. Distributing tasks through departments
  7. Hiring Team Lead - Organization behind the scenes. They manage the Application Tracking System and make sure that all of the candidates’ and employees’ documents are up to date and kept properly. Accuracy is a skill that an HR Lead needs to possess.
  8. The Sourcer - Should not be confused with “sorcerer,” although this position certainly helps the magic happen. It is a role that most often resembles “a recruiter” in the eyes of the people who are not familiar with the Hiring Team’s structure.

    They are the talent hunters. Sourcers make sure that no resume is lost in the mailbox and that the candidates’ screening is done properly. Understanding the company’s core values and its vision is something that a sourcer should be able to reflect on an applicant.

One of the most important aspects of a sourcer’s job is to be able to align the candidate’s skills and personality with the requirements of the job position.

Now that we’ve deduced who the usual suspects for you being rejected/hired are, we’ll try to dig deeper into their personalities and connections.

Quality over quantity

Yes, it’s a cliché phrase. Yes, hiring teams can relate to it. The hiring process will always be done better and quicker with a smaller but efficient team, than with a vast team of recruiters who do not have good synergy.

It’s not easy to make a perfectly synchronized hiring team. Their experience will vary and their personalities will be different, suiting each role accordingly.


The importance of good communication should be self-explanatory. It’s a key aspect of any kind of relationship: friendship, love, business, etc. In hiring, accurate distribution of information among the hiring team is the essence of it.

Personality traits

The members of your hiring team get along nicely? Good to hear. Are their assigned roles a good match for their personalities? You need someone who will treat the candidate nicely and introduce him to everything he needs to know about the position and the company. That person will conduct the interview.

Then again, you also need a person who will have to look at things objectively and say: “Dear Mr/Mrs, thank you for your time and interest, but unfortunately you are not a good match for our company. Best of luck in your future job search!”. Many times.

Those two are not the same person, nor should they be. For a team to function properly, you’ll need both empathetic and cold-blooded recruiters. Together, they will bring the best and most suitable talent for the company.

It takes time

Having an All-Star hiring team sounds good, but it’ll take time until a company succeeds in creating it. The process will have its ups and downs, there will be good and bad hires, but in the long run - it’s an effort that will pay off big time.

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